Atlanta Botanical Garden: Behind the Scenes, Part 1

The ABG recently gave a private tour of the Orchid houses and the greenhouses not open to the public at the ABG–I took a number of photos, this post is the first of two–

Starting out with this fantastic vanda, above–Below is Arundina graminifolia, the bamboo orchid–I just ordered some of these for my own collection–Seeing them at the botanical garden convinced me–

Green-flowered catesetum and a cattleya hybrid, below–

Laelia purpurata, above and Cattleya warneri (I think!) below–These are huge, fragrant flowers–

I love these zygopetalums, above–Wonderfully fragrant–

Above, a cool epidendrum species–

A lovely species Phalaenopsis, above–The yellow vanda below had cool chartreuse shading–

A beautiful pink vanda–

A cool peachy-colored vanda–Love the deep magenta spots–

Not sure of the species, above, but I love these blooms–Below, the blooms of a lovely vining plant–

A bromeliad bloom in a beautiful purple color–A paphiopetalum almost hidden in plain sight–

Above, the tiny, pendulous white and crimson-spotted blooms of a Dracula species–Dendrobium victoria-reginae, below–

Yes, the plant above is an orchid–Several of us looked for tags, but could find none–It is gorgeous–

Another phalaenopsis species, above–

A lovely cattleya, below, and an interesting species, above–

That’s it for this post, a second with more photos to follow–Looking through these at this later date, I continue to be amazed at the ABG collection of orchids and other rare and unusual plants–


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