Dendrobium Loddigesii

I’m behind on posts, so now that I am on vacation I have time to sort through photos from the last 5 months and post them–This is Dendrobium loddigesii from April:

Deciduous cane dendrobiums are my favorite kind–This little guy, a miniature Asian species, was the first one I acquired–

I grow this orchid on a small piece of oak–The brightly-colored flowers are about 2.5 inches across, and lightly fragrant–

I water Dendrobium loddigesii daily in the warm months, and give it a winter rest from November to February with little to no watering–It makes keikis (baby plantlets) like crazy–

The beautiful fringed flowers, above–Bright light with morning or late day sun is best for this dendrobium–This is an easy and rewarding orchid to grow–


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