Bratonia Shelob ‘Tolkien’ in Bloom

I took a video of this fantastic orchid, a cross between a Brassia and a Miltonia, hence the name:

This guy has multiple spikes this year; the spidery flowers are beautifully spotted and spiky and make quite a visual impression en masse–Theme Shelob comes from J.R.R. Tolkien’s evil spider creature from his Middle Earth series of novels–

I have Bratonia Shelob ‘Tolkien’ potted in a mixture af 70% bark and 30% spagnum moss–I give him early morning sun and bright shade the rest of the day–In the summer he gets watered twice a week–This is a rewarding and easy to grow orchid, perfect for beginners–

A closeup of the fantastic lip–What A marvelous hybrid this is!–


Bratonia Shelob ‘Tolkien’

I got this orchid as a division from a friend (thanks Jimmy!)–It is an intergeneric hybrid between Brassia and a Miltonia, hence the name–It was previously known as Miltassia, but taxonomists have changed it to Bratonia


Brassia flowers are very spidery in appearance–This flower shape carries through in this popular hybrid:


Being a division, I did not expect to have blooms so soon, but I was delighted when I first saw the spike–It started out with four buds, but three blasted (didn’t make it)–The plant is still establishing itself in its new home, so not surprising–


I love the exotic spots and the crystalline texture of the lip–I also love the name Shelob, the spider from JRR Tolkien’s The Lord Of The Rings novels–