Euchile Mariae in Bloom

This is one of my favorite orchids, Euchile mariae, previously known as Prosthechea mariae–It hails from mountains in northwest Mexico–

These flowers carry no scent that I can detect; their allure lies in the juxtaposition of two unassuming colors, the green sepals and petals gracefully fanned out above the voluptuous, white-skirt lip–

Euchile mariae is not particularly notable foliage-wise when out of bloom–That may change as the plant continues to grow and add pseudo bulbs since the foliage has a cool, glaucous sheen–This year it put out three spikes, and if the last two buds continue to develop properly, I’ll have 7 blooms–Here you can see five open on two spikes–

Two blooms on the second spike–I grow this orchid no different than my cattleyas: warm with bright light, drying between waterings–


What’s growing now

A few things I’ve got growing around the house–


This is a young rose plant called Pearl D’Or that I purchased from the Oakland Cemetery plant sale last year–These were well-established cuttings taken from their rose bushes–The flowers are unlike any roses I’ve seen before, and I love the pale peach color of the petals–What really sold me on it was the fragrance–A delight–



This is a blackberry lily, above–The foliage looks like that of an iris, and in fact it is in the iris family–It is Iris domestica, commonly called the blackberry lily because the ripened seed clusters look like blackberries–This particular clump was a gift from an acquaintance–


I’ve had this unknown hybrid rose for a few years now–I originally had it in a planter, but it struggled–It’s finally started to do better now that it’s in the yard–Some roses are good in containers, some are not–


I have the bad habit of falling in love with my own photos–Hence the one I decided to include, above–A succulent after a soft rain–I love the silvery coalescence of water holding itself together in the center and the fallen crepe myrtle petals–


He’s over 4 feet wide–


Last year I cross-pollinated three of my schlumbergera–I planted the seeds this last January–These are the seedlings that have sprouted from them–I only know the pod parents the seeds came from because I had a lot of blooms and a lot of pollen–One is the tomato red, one is the peach, and one is the pale pink, also shown in the picture below:


This plant, shown in the east-facing dining room window, is about 10 years old–It is over three feet across, not unusual or hard to accomplish, but I love this plant–It needed repotting years ago, but I think there is no need to tempt fate when it is clearly happy–



This is the bloom of a Phalaenopsis Dendrobium keiki that is still attached to the mother plant–I was surprised it bloomed, but this is the first time this plant has bloomed for me and I’ll take it–I absolutely love the color of this flower–It’s more intense than the photos convey–The jagged side lobes on the lip are like a creature’s maw–


The column is white, a small pearl inside–This is called Dendrobium Sakda Beauty–Probably just a trade name because this is most likely an unregistered hybrid–All are beautiful, and I have three varieties of this kind–Can’t wait to see the others bloom–


It’s kind of hard to tell, but I my Euchile mariae is in bud, aboveOnly two spikes this year, last year I think I had four or five–Looking forward to these gorgeous flowers–


Finally, one of my Zygopetalum orchids is in spike–These are near the top of my list of favorite scented orchids–The flowers are dark and velvety, the perfume redolent of Hyacinth and tobacco–These are going to be a real treat–