Euchile Mariae in Bloom

This is one of my favorite orchids, Euchile mariae, previously known as Prosthechea mariae–It hails from mountains in northwest Mexico–

These flowers carry no scent that I can detect; their allure lies in the juxtaposition of two unassuming colors, the green sepals and petals gracefully fanned out above the voluptuous, white-skirt lip–

Euchile mariae is not particularly notable foliage-wise when out of bloom–That may change as the plant continues to grow and add pseudo bulbs since the foliage has a cool, glaucous sheen–This year it put out three spikes, and if the last two buds continue to develop properly, I’ll have 7 blooms–Here you can see five open on two spikes–

Two blooms on the second spike–I grow this orchid no different than my cattleyas: warm with bright light, drying between waterings–